Company Profile;

Özarsan is a company based on Istanbul that produces mechanical systems, accessories and spare parts for textile, especially weaving machines .The company has modern machinery which allows to make quality control of all products that is been produced. Ozarsan is a wellknown company in textile and weaving sector in both Turkey and all the other exporting countries since its foundation at 1985.   

Özarsan is the leader and expert producer in its own sector at spare parts, systems and accessories of weaving machines. Most importantly it is a registered trademark which's quality assurance is tested since 1985. 

Özarsan produces and buffer stocks high quality and durable systems, spare parts and accessories for the textile machines which works 24 hours.

We offer high quality and economical products from a trusted supplier and producer with quality assurance to all denim, fabric, Big-Bag and carpet producers.  . 

*All the spare parts and systems produced at Özarsan are tested on their own machines for 6 months before sales.

* High quality, heat treated and proper sized equipments are used at the production which is our quality assurance.   

*Beside our standard portfolio, we also special designed systems and medifications for weaving machines. 




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